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Steemit’s Potential to Realize Un Goal to Eliminate Global Poverty

Steemit’s Potential to Help Realize the UN Goal of Eliminating Global Poverty

Steemit is a young social media network built upon blockchain technology which has the potential to help the world realize the top United Nations Sustainable Development goal.

Was the Serpent in the Garden of Eden Real?

Was the serpent in the Garden of Eden real? One of the most perplexing questions throughout the history of our world involves whether or not the serpent in the Garden of Eden was real. Many...
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Universal Basic Income: the UN’s Latest Wealth Redistribution Scheme

Universal basic income guarantees that everyone receives money to help with basic living expenses.

3 Ways Progressive Moral Relativism is a Biblical Failure

Moral relativism is one of the most dangerous ethical theories invented by man, yet it is the dominant ethical theory in modern America among progressives.
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Globalist Professor: Reverse Biblical Perspective of Humanity to Save the Planet; America Will Decline...

A prominent Sustainable Development icon calls for a "total reversal of the biblical perspective on humanity," and says that by 2052 Americans will have less wealth than they have today.

Another Casualty in the War on Christmas (2013)

In 2013, a nativity scene on Shaw Air Force Base in South Carolina became yet another casualty in the war on Christmas. The move follows a trend of systematically removing nativity displays from public property.

How Schools use “Character Education” to Brainwash Our Kids

Across America, “character education” programs mandated by law in K-12 schools are undermining the deepest threads of American culture. Parents should be aware that school education programs are becoming more dependent upon curriculum standards developed in conjunction with UNESCO’s Global Education First Initiative (GEFI).